A Dead Man Says Began To Hand Me Out

A Dead Man Says Began To Hand Me Out

Attendees at the funeral of a man were surprised when the dead man say in the tomb began to hand me out. At first people on occasion were scared to hear these sounds, but soon they started laughing about the late pre-made joke.

Mr Bradley died of cancer on October 8, according to the report.

He was a cancer patient for three years. His last wish was to frighten his friends and family. That's why he asked his oldest son to play his previously recorded message during his burial. Broadley recorded this message last year. Only his son and grandson knew about this message.

This strange joke made Bradley laugh at the sad people at his death.

On October 12, when Bradley's coffin was being buried in the Kelkney Cemetery, Kelmani, his son played his recorded audio. In the audio, Broadley was shouting "Get me out" and saying he was inside the coffin.

Bradley's daughter, Andrea Bradley, shared the video on social media. Andrea said her father recorded the audio a year ago. His brother Jonathan and nephew Ben knew about it. Andrea said his father made a joke that made his mother laugh at the cemetery.

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