Alien Life Has Been Found On Mars - Scientists

Alien life has been found on Mars

Scientists say that there are life imprints on Mars, but the life of strange creatures is also proven. In the past, alien life was found on Mars. Temperature change on Mars is the cause of methane gas.

Scientists say that not only life-long artefacts were found on the red planet, Mars, but there was also evidence of a strange creature's life. According to NASA's latest research, objects from a lake base.

Alien life has been found on Mars. Scientists say these artefacts date from the base of a 3 billion-year-old lake, according to data sent from NASA's spacecraft Curiosity Rover on Mars, Many organic compounds have been found in their remains. According to the report, molecules preserved in a rock indicate that life was found on this planet in the past and may still be, however, experts say Can't confirm or deny the car yet. Be aware that the car-size Curiosity Rover was flown from Florida to Florida on November 2011, Landed on Mars in August 2012. The purpose of sending this curiosity rover was to assess the atmosphere and land of Mars and research whether conditions were favourable for the presence of animals here. NASA has been able to detect new molecules and evaluate their units. NASA has also given Curiosity Rover the task of reducing the levels of methane (natural gas) on Mars. Scientists believe that the presence of life on Mars produces methane gas. No, but due to changes in temperature, there is methane gas.

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