Amazing Feature of Intelligent Shoe

amazing feature of intelligent shoe

People with diabetes need to take personal care of their feet. In keeping with this aspect, Len Lee, a PhD student at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, has created a company called Bonobotan after research. The inverter is designed of intelligent electric mole (smart electrical civil) that can be placed inside any ordinary shoe. It has active sensors that are made of graphene. These sensors keep pressing at various points on the soles of the toe and keep it in temperature.
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As soon as the data shows that some inflammation or internal irritation is aggravated, the blue tooth contained in it immediately sends the information to the patient's smartphone through an app. At the same time, the app tells you which precautions should be taken. On the other hand, the smart shoe of the shoe also informs your doctors and loved ones that the chances of getting a foot injury have increased. There are small and thin batteries inside the sun that can power the entire system for four consecutive months.

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