Couple Left Their Children - What You Say? True Story

Couple Left Their Children

There is no doubt that parents sometimes get overly tired during the upbringing of their children. Still, no one relinquishes their children to relieve their tiredness. A couple from Ukraine now has this example, too. Has established.

The couple left their children outside the camp on the roadside homeless. It disappeared in a few minutes, asking to return.

3-year-old Andrea and her younger brother, 2-year-old Maxim, stayed with the homeless people and alcoholics in the southern Ukrainian city of Zaporizhzhia for a week. Do not return for a day. If the police were not called, they might not have returned for several days.

When parents of the children were asked why they did not return, they said they were tired.

When the parents left the children near the camp of the homeless, the children had no clothes or shoes on their bodies. When the parents did not arrive, the people in the field fed their children. The people of the camp also kept an eye on the children so that the children did not hurt themselves. During that time, the children had scrubbed all the garbage in the area, drank water from the river and became very dirty.

Andrea and Maxim were taken into custody by the police when a woman told them about them on the phone. Molina Tashiowska was looking for the right place for a sunbath on the Dnieper River when she found the baby. He immediately called the police.
Doctors at the hospital diagnosed both brothers with viral infections and nutritional deficiencies.

They were very weak and could barely walk. They both knew their names and age. Interestingly, while in the custody of the hospital staff, he did not even ask his parents once.
Police gradually found Bozina Senchika, 20, and Vladimir Zaitsu, 25, the parents of the children. When asked why they wanted to leave their children, they said they were tired and wanted some rest.
Police have launched an investigation into the case. Parents can be jailed for up to 5 years for the negligence of duties. Police have handed over the children to the orphanage till a judicial verdict is reached.

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