Expensive Coffee In The World And Started With A Mistake

Expensive Coffee In The World And Started With A Mistake

Munich, a small coffee house in Japan, is the only place in the world where you can enjoy a 22-year-old coffee, but enjoying a coffee here is not enough for everyone. This 22-year-old Munich cup of Munich costs $ 914.

Interestingly, the decades-old coffee started with a mistake.

The only employee and owner of this coffee house, Kanji Tanaka, used to sell a variety of ice coffee. They used to keep it in the refrigerator. Once they had forgotten to keep the coffee for six months. After a few months, they started throwing it as bad coffee, but before that, they filled a sip of it. They were shocked that the taste of the coffee was ancient. But it also had a different kind of fun.

At that time, they found out that this old coffee for months was still worth drinking. Kanji put coffee in the wooden canisters used to preserve the wine and kept it in the refrigerator for ten years and forgotten. After a decade, when Kanji tasted coffee, it was like syrup.
On this, Kanji started making coffee from seeds 20 years old.

They grind these seeds and filter them with a filter system called Net Drip. In this way, the Kanji eliminates the bitterness of the coffee and produces more aroma and effectiveness in the steam. Off. Kanji gives coffee to his customers through these canisters Kanji also offers a cup of coffee for $ 10 to $ 20 at his coffee house, which keeps them going well.

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