Found Empty Coffins in The Forest - Psychiatrist Treatment

Psychiatrist Treatment
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A psychologist buried her patients alive for treatment. The psychiatrist wanted his patients to feel "alive."

André Zellhortro locked her patients in a coffin during psychotherapy and buried her alive. This unique treatment of André came about when villagers found 12 empty coffins in the forest near Kiev, the capital of northern Ukraine.
Villagers also found 12 empty graves at which they called the police. Police interrogation took him to André, who admitted that he used the coffin in his psychotherapy treatment.
According to André, he buried 12 of his patients in the forest for 2 hours. Andre also made a video of the treatment, which he also posted online for his promotion.
The video clip shows a freshly carved coffin in a tomb and a young man dressed in a white shirt lying in it. The video also shows a pipe attached to a coffin so the patient can breathe.
André says that this method was created a few years ago and was the first to try it. This makes patients realize that they are alive.

One of Andrea's patients, who was buried, said that when she came out of the coffin, she found herself in a completely new person, which was quite strange.
Police investigation revealed that Andre had not committed any crime. The police spokesman said the patients were willing to receive the treatment. No one was hurt in the incident. Police say they did not find evidence of any criminal activity.
Internet users have criticized this dangerous method for treatment.

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