Interesting Job Fraud Will Be Shocked You

Interesting Job Fraud
                                Photo credit: norbet1 on Visualhunt / CC BY 
London (Online) An unusual case of fraud and fraud for employment has emerged from India. In the Skype interview, the candidate sitting in front of the camera was responding, but after a while, it was felt that he was only moving his lips while the member of the company was answering. When done, the candidate of the company sitting abroad thought that the front was merely shaking his lips and instead someone was speaking from behind. Interviewer tired Tell her to stop because you have been caught.

I have heard the voice of both you and the person hiding. "Then, the company owner also laughed. The candidate was again asked for the job you are interviewing at is very senior level, and It has been noticed that someone else's voice is with you. The candidate scratched his nose and did not feel any shame. The company interviewer then apologized and closed the Skype call.

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