Lizards Use In Manufacture of Makeup Accessories

Lizards Use In Manufacture of Makeup Accessories

The use of lizards has been revealed in the manufacture of makeup accessories. These creatures that crawl on walls and ceilings that we overlook have become part of our decoration.

Voice of Indonesia has reported that lizards are bought in Indonesia for $ 3, while a lizard-made cream is used in beauty parlors to decorate ordinary women and brides, according to a private newspaper report. According to the journal, you will find piles of lizards everywhere in this Indonesian village.

Village residents go out at night to search for lizards, a special kind of bangle is used to catch lizards, which is glued to the lizard by a glue stick. Easy to catch. The lizards catch them and hand them over to the taskmaster who gives them $ 3 for 1 kg of lizards. The supplied lizards are taught in the sun after washing with surf. These lizards are ready for sale in the market afterward. These lizards can be used in addition to makeup products, skin allergies, and itching. Are used in the preparation of vitamins.

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