Love With Dollar True Story Viral on Social Media

love with dollar true story viral on social media
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Can a dollar note match two hearts? The reply to this question is "Yes" to a social media user named Jason, who sincerely wanted a girl since childhood and has repeatedly exchanged a dollar note for the two of them. Cause. Jason W described his incident. He writes that when I was in junior high school, I liked a girl very much, and in strong words, I was in love.

One day while walking to a remote fair from the school, we stopped for a while at a gas station (petrol pump), where he bought me a packet of Cheongam. I gave her a dollar, but she refused to take the dollar. So I secretly slipped the note into her pocket. Then he quietly put the same note back in the pocket of my bag, and thus the dollar note continued to move around. We used to do this funny thing to return the notes to each other. Once I mailed that note to her house. Then he hid it in Cheongam's packing and returned the note to me. Then I decided to go for a walk with him on the same dollar note.

I wrote on the note: "Will you go walking with me?" He replied, "yes" (otherwise this story would have been very sad). On the day we had our first birthday of love, I wrote at the bottom of the note "Will you marry me? Wrote it and gave it to him. Today we have been married for 15 years, and we have three lovely children.

This dollar note is still preserved to us today. In an interview with a website called Bored Panda, Jason said that if one is truly in love, a one-dollar note is enough to unite the two hearts. After reading this story, social media users have become emotional too. Some said that a romance movie could be made in the face of this story. One who loves love stories also liked this story. One user commented interestingly: "I do not get a reply to the text message, you are fortunate to have a full dollar note. Get back again and again!

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