Seriously? Mysterious Radio Stations

Mysterious Radio Stations

In the middle of Russia's swampy area is a building made of square iron gates. 'There are several radio towers behind the door's rusty bars, not far from St. Petersburg, which has been wrapped in mystery since the Cold War.

This building is the headquarters of a radio station called Mdzhb: No one has ever claimed that it operates for 24 hours a day for the last 35 years and seven days a week, but its tune is quite good. And there's a c.

Every few seconds, a second voice is added to this radio. Once or twice a week, there is the voice of a man or woman who reads one or two words in Russian. Anyone around the world can listen to this radio with a frequency set of 4625 kHz. The exciting thing is that the online fan of this radio station is in the millions. People know him by the name of The Buzzer, and there are also mysterious radio stations The Pip and Squeaky Wheel, surprisingly even listeners of these radio stations admit that they don't know what they hear.

Fans of this radio admit to themselves that they have no idea what they are listening to 'It is claimed that these are secret installations of the Russian army, although Russia has never really acknowledged them. The radio first began broadcasting at the end of the Cold War, when Communism was in decline, and the radio station was closed to its present location near Moscow, St. Petersburg.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the activity of this officially closed radio station continued. There are many stories about his ordeal, such as the fact that Britain secretly handled it as a military asset and that it communicates with Ambedkar and other sources. It is acting like a "dead hand" signal. If Russia faces a nuclear attack, it will be radioactive, and a system connected to it will automatically launch a response.

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