New Continent on Earth - Geological Surveys

New Continent on Earth
                               Photo credit: Retlaw Snellac Photography on VisualHunt / CC BY

European geologists claim to have discovered the world's ninth but the missing continent at least 20 million years ago.

According to a foreign news agency, the science journal stated in an article published in the Science Directorate that many geologists have been involved in several technical issues and Research on geological surveys has revealed the new continent. The new vessel discovered has been named by the experts as Greater Adria, which is located along the Mediterranean with the Mediterranean Adriatic.

The discovered continent was separated initially from North Africa 20 million years ago and is now located in southern Europe and is close to Armenia and Italy. According to experts, the area of ​​discovery is as much as Greenland, which means that the content is spread over 21 million kilometres. The report states that much of the new continent is underwater and that the continent extends to 30 European countries. Greater Adria's borders extend to other countries, including Armenia, Italy, Turkey, the Balkans, Slovenia, Romania, and Bulgaria. Experts say that The authentic Research on the boundaries of the new continent will have to review the geological survey of the 30 European countries and see which countries fall within the limits of the newly discovered continent. In the last two years, This is the second time that geologists have claimed to find out the second new continent in the world. Earlier in 2017, the experts claimed to have discovered a continent separated from thousands of years before New Zealand and Australia.

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