The Ceremony at the Pakistan Monument in Honor of the Royal Couple

 william and kate middleton
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The ceremony at the Pakistan Monument in honour of the royal couple has been disrupted. Occurrences occurred. Due to which several prominent personalities, including some of the warriors invited to the event, either left the ceremony incomplete or appeared to express their disapproval at the end of the event.

According to media reports, there is not enough arrangement of seats at the event, that was why the participants, including a large number of people, had to stand for several hours. Despite the annoyance, some of the invitees did not want to be ridden in the rickshaw to the ceremony. Representatives of the media witnesses of these scenes did not report these incidents merely because of the organizers' request. It is a matter of friendly relations, and the British royal couple is the guest of Pakistan. Some media representatives also faced a disturbing situation, but given the etiquette hostess, they quieted down in this regard but now the British Broadcasting Institute itself. Has released details of this situation on its website.

According to the report, on Tuesday night when British Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton arrived at Pakistan National Monument in Islamabad in a rickshaw, some powerful federal ministers and close advisers to Prime Minister Imran Khan met Were included. But what about the stringent security arrangements made on this occasion, which led to the departure of half a dozen ministers and advisers in their heart's desire to meet the royal couple? Federal Defense Minister Pervez Khattak, Federal Minister Interior Minister Ijaz Shah, Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Hussain, Prime Minister's Adviser for Political Affairs Naeemul Haq and Advisor for Information Firdous Ashiq Awan were present.

Two of them spoke to a foreign news agency, confirming that they were not allowed to go near the royal couple for security reasons. An adviser to the prime minister said on condition of anonymity that the British The arrangements made by security officials on this occasion were very foolish; it was disrespectful not to allow cabinet members to meet the royal couple, the Foreign Ministry would complain to British authorities in this regard. According to the British Broadcasting Agency, on the other hand, a federal minister also confirmed that the ministers were not allowed to meet the royal couple for security reasons. He said that when the two ministers, including Ghulam Sarwar Khan, were told by high commission staff. When they arrived at the rickshaw until the reception, they refused to sit in the rickshaw, and some of the other ministers who had gone back declined to sit in the rickshaw and arrived in Monument in their vehicles. When we arrived in Monument, it was learned that separate arrangements had been made. When some ministers learned of a separate agreement, they left the ceremony and returned.

According to the Federal Minister, unlike other ministers, the Prime Minister's Assistant Special Information was able to reach the part of the ceremony where the royal couple was present, so the British guards expelled them from the spot on which the Firdous lover returned from the ceremony. The British Royal Guard has also accompanied him to Pakistan to ensure the security of the royal couple. According to the report, Firdous Ashiq Awan was contacted to find out his whereabouts, but he was not available due to engagement.

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