The Goddess of Destiny

The Goddess of Destiny
                               Photo credit: darkday. on Visual Hunt / CC BY

A video of a woman living in a subway station in the United States has been made viral, which has become increasingly viral on the Internet and has been watched by more than 9 million people so far.

Zamorka, a homeless woman, sings the opera's famous song. After that, the video was widely watched and shared, and people suggested to sing it regularly. Then there was the renowned composer Joel Diamond, who was nominated for a Grammy Award.

Has offered to record the song to the lady who is undoubtedly a great honour. Then Joel will release an album called 'Paradise' containing many of Emily's songs, which his company will release on Silver Blue Records. ۔ He said he had no phone or Internet. After that, a sir gave him a call, then people from all over the US called Zamurka and told him that you have become very famous. The website was supposed to raise funds, and so far, $ 70,000 has been raised. Mumora was a singer and musician. Still, when she came from Russia to America, she had a difficult time, and someone stole her violin. After that, she became silent and started living on the streets. However, today, the Goddess of Destiny has again been kind to them.

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