The Imagination Was Created Plastic Bottles Into Flowers

The imagination was created plastic bottles into flowers

Plastic bottles and garbage are on the rise worldwide, but people in the Philippines have turned a pile of plastic bottles into artificial flowers into a broken bottle.

 According to foreign news agencies in the southern Philippines, One city has turned plastic bottles into colourful flower parks. A large number of tourists are visiting this park to see artificial flower gardens. Tulip Gardens opened for visitors. It has 26877 plastic bottles in 45 villages in the southwest of the country.

The imagination was created when the locals cut plastic bottles into flowers, coloured them in red, yellow, pink and blue and then glued the cement and sand to the sides of the park. Decorated in style. It is important to note that there is an excellent reason for polluting seawater with Philippine plastic. In the Philippines, a tiny amount of plastic remains is recycled.

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