The News Of a baby's Coffee Surprised Everyone

The news of a baby's coffee surprised everyone

The news of a 14-month-old baby's coffee coming from Indonesia has surprised everyone. The parents of the girl belonging to a low-income family are so weak that they cannot buy milk for their baby. That's why this girl has been drinking coffee for the last eight months.

14-month-old Hadija Haura hails from the village of Tunro Lima, a town in Sulawesi Province, western Indonesia. She drinks three baby bottles of coffee - 1.5 litres of coffee every day.

Adult humans usually drink less than that. Hadijah has been drinking for just the last eight months. That is, more than half of his life is spent just drinking. The fantastic thing is that she is growing like a healthy child. Drinking coffee did not cause health problems for her. Hadidja's parents say they have no choice but to feed their daughter enough because they cannot buy cow's milk for her.

Hadija's mother, Anita, said that they do not have the money to buy milk, so she gives her daughter enough. He said that his daughter does not get enough sleep without drinking too much. Nita and her husband earn 20,000 Indonesian rupees or $ 1.4 a day. The costs are barely met.

Sometimes they don't even get work. In this case, they have no choice but to give their daughter a cheap coffee.
Hadija's coffee on East Asian social media has been reported by news and Anita's statement from local authorities never to receive formula milk. After the story went viral, Polawali Mandar Health Agency officials reached Anita. They provided milk and many cookies for Hadijah. She told Anita that she would no longer feed her daughter because the caffeine and sugar contained in it could be dangerous for the baby.

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