The Riana Book

Rianna named her visual autobiography 'The Riana Book', which features a thousand rare photos of the singer.

The Riana Book

Um, well-known personalities value an excellent paper and title book from their biography for up to $ 1,000, one million rupees apart from Pakistan.

Umm as the value of his biography of celebrities is a good paper, and a good book title Life's but a million bucks a thousand dollars.
However, pop singer, actress and fashion icon Rihanna decided not to write her biography but to publish it and sell it at a very high price, unlike other celebrities.
The upcoming visual biography of the Barbados singer is published for sale online by a British publisher and event company 'Phaidon'.
It will also be offered in general stores by the end of this month.
Rihanna has named her visual autobiography 'The Rianna Book', which features a thousand rare photos of the singer.

The unique book, which contains more than 500 pages, has been published in four different sizes and only ten books of one size have already been sold.
Rihanna also told fans about her book on her Instagram and YouTube channel, while book information was also given on the book's online website.
The cheapest edition of Rihanna's biography is priced at US $ 131, almost Pakistani over 20,000 rupees and features tiny sized photos.
The second cheap edition of the book is priced at US $ 153 and Pakistani Rs 24,000. Similarly, the third cheap edition of Riya's book has been priced at more than US $ 5,000, which is closer to Pakistani 8 million,

The images in this edition are of good quality and in great shape. Only ten copies of the most deluxe editions of Rihanna's book were published, and they all went on sale and cost around the US $ 100,000. More than one crore 70 million Pakistani rupees were kept. This book contains 1,000 rare photographs of Reena in extremely high quality.

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