Things You Can Do To Improve Your Memory

Things You Can Do To Improve Your Memory

As the age of a person grows, the process of degradation begins in the body. With physical forces, the memory starts to become less stressed. With this weakness, the names of friends and relatives go out of the mind.

It does not remember the money given to the family, the talk of the house or the promise to anyone. It is also the time to meet someone, but not to leave the house at work. I call "Nissan" and "Alzheimer's" in modern medicine. This condition is very annoying in people with advanced age. It affects the part of the brain where memory The disease can occur in any part of the period, which can include red blood cells, excessive bleeding due to an accident or illness. We have several cells in the brain, which Relationships are about collecting or remembering events. These boxes are also related to language and conversation. If precautionary measures are taken, each person can maintain their memory for a longer time. Here are some things you can do to improve your memory.

Brain Strengthening Nutrients:
The top ones in these diets are those that get omega-3 fatty acids, glucose and antioxidant ingredients (ANTIOXIDANTS). Eating fish increases mental capacity. Glucose, which is produced by our diet, accounts for 2% of our food. The brain uses it. Eating vegetables, especially potatoes, enhances brain capacity. Soybean is also useful. Vitamin B (Vitamin B) also increases memory. It is found in large quantities in dairy products. In addition to fish, eggs, and vegetables, it is also high in vitamins. Throughout the day, some have eaten occasionally, glucose content in this litter. Children and young people should soak nuts in nuts and soak it in the morning with milk. Eating daily apples is also beneficial, as the high amount of contraceptive ingredients contained in apples is essential. Chemicals produce more. These nutrients are necessary for good or bad memory, so eat an apple daily.

Don't Let The Pressure Build on Your Mind:
In a relaxed environment, memory works a lot, so stay away from stress or anxiety. Learn to relax your healthy life. Lightweight exercise and exercise help reduce mental stress and nervous tension. Mental stress helps the body. I produce a substance that affects the memory part of the brain. Regular reading habits also help to increase memory.

Keep The Body Active: 
Set up your daily routines. Take a walk after dawn or fast in the evening. Avoid unnecessary things and issues. Exercise bodybuilding. Not just the white matter of the brain. Increases, but also increases cellular communication. Write down essential points, thus reducing the burden on the mind. Proper sleep and relaxation also improves the body's memory and improves memory. The destructive forces are restored. After proper sleep, the person is refreshed, and he/she is discontinued.

Keep The Mind Busy:
Take activities that keep the mind busy. Take part in social work. Work for the organization very much. Do the work you need to do, repeat it and complete it. Also, solve problems. Play different types of words so that the brain will be engaged, and memory will improve. Our brain's unique materials keep our memory in good shape. They are powered by steel, so the body does not lack steel. In case of iron deficiency, include spinach and kale in the diet and consult a physician for medication.

One Task at a Time:
Some people do many things at once, such as reading a newspaper or listening to the news on TV while eating. This kind of reading or listening is not remembered because the focus is changing. This is not the right way to eat. When we do the same thing at the same time, the natural system of the brain has a negative effect, which can cause the brain to exit, so it is advisable to have one at a time. Work on it, so that thoughts remain united.

Keep Track of Medications:
Several medications negatively affect memory. It stays in the body for a long time. Some medicines affect memory significantly. These include anti-depressant drugs, Includes aromatic medications, contraceptives, diarrhoea medication, histamine (HISTAMINE) medications, and chemical treatments. Eat them with medical advice, as they may affect your memory.

Control Cholesterol:

Cholesterol is a type of fat in which it is prone to increase. Cholesterol increases the fat in the arteries of the heart, but also clog the nerves in the nerves of the brain. It does not affect the memory, so keep checking for cholesterol in the blood and take measures to prevent it fast as you grow. People who add vegetables and fruits to their daily diet, usually with Lysol. Eating high amounts of fatty acids and fats not only increases cholesterol but also improves memory. Impressions can occur.

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