In The Middle Of Our Galaxy There Is A Vast Black Hole

Vast Black Hole
                               Photo credit: Wonderlane on VisualHunt / CC BY

Scientists have said that there are probably a dozen black holes in the centre of our galaxy. According to media reports,

 This new research confirms several decades-old predictions that this research is published in the scientific journal Nature. There is a vast black hole in the middle of the galaxy with small black holes around it. No such evidence has been found before. That there is a very large black hole mojo in the middle of the galaxy: Charles Haley and his partner at Columbia University in New York.

The US space agency researched data obtained from NASA's telescope Chandra X-ray archive data. They reported that a dozen inactive binary systems were discovered in which a star-like companion (black hole) rotated around. In the middle of our galaxy, there is a vast black hole, surrounded by gas and balloons, which is the best place for big stars to grow. These stars live there, die there and are transformed into black holes. It is said that outside the gas and dust hole, black holes, such as those that lose their energy, are affected by Sestertius A. In the past, trying to find black holes depend on the bright light of the X-ray rays that emitted from binary systems. Professor Haley said that the galaxy is so far away from the orbit, that the bright light is 100 to one. It can be seen once in a thousand years. That's why the team at Columbia University began to look at the low-bright X-rays that were then ejected, and ten thousand low-mass black holes all around.

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