Waiting For The End of The World

Waiting For The End of The World

A man and his six young children were expelled from a rural farm in the Netherlands where they had been waiting for the end of the world in the basement for 9 years.

 According to a Telegraph report, police spokesman Natalie Scheibert confirmed that the Dutch A 58-year-old man has been detained at a farm in Ruinerwold, a village in the province of Durant, while six children in a basement have also been recovered for years.
It said the incident happened when a 25-year-old man arrived at a local bar last night looking very confused. The owner of the cafe told the media the first time that I saw him. See, I drove him, but he came back a few days later, last week he came and ordered a drink, but we were closing the bar. When he came in on Sunday, I talked to him, the young man said that he had run away and he needed help, to which we contacted the police. According to him, he was talking like young children. He had long hair and beard, his clothes were old, and he said he was locked up for 9 years. The young man told him that his younger brother was living on the farm, Bigger, and he wanted to get out of this place. According to reports, the children had been disconnected from the outside world for years and had been living with several animals in a vegetable garden. The person fell ill on the bed because he had suffered a stroke many years ago while the children had no contact with the outside world, and even the neighbours were unaware of their presence. The farm was hidden behind trees and the highway. The village's mayor, Roger de Groot, said during the press conference that the six children were between the ages of 18 and 25, while the person who was detained was not their father. He added that the mother of the children was interviewed 9 years ago before moving to the farmhouse, and some children have not even received government registration. He says I can understand that many questions are yet to be found, the police are investigating with multiple scenarios, and we cannot share further details at this time, we are now focusing on caring for the family. But local police said they were investigating the situation while a forensic examination of the farmhouse would be conducted.

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