Warning People Slipped Into The Dam

people slipped into the dam

Four members of the same family, including Nubiyahta Dhillon, were drowned while taking selfies near the dam in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. According to details, 6 persons belonging to the same family who came for the entertainment of Cero in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu are holding hands together. Standing in the water near the dam and trying to get a selfie, one of them suddenly slipped his feet due to the lack of balance, the rest of the people slipped into the dam.

Man and his sister were, fortunately, able to save their lives, but unfortunately, others drowned in water. According to statistics, the highest number of casualties has occurred in India while taking selfies all over the world. According to a study by the US National Library of Medicine, 259 deaths were reported in India between 2011 and 2017 due to self-seizure. According to Indian media, there were 3 siblings, aged 14, 18, in the waterfall. And was 19 years old, while he was accompanied by a sister and boy's sister from among the nine couples. The boy, fortunately, saved his sister's life but the remaining 4 were drowned in water. Police said that after the search, the four bodies have been removed and sent for post-mortem. In India, the fondness of taking selfies in new ways is becoming very common, which has led to an increase in casualties. Experts are warning people in this regard. According to experts, the reason for this hobby among people is to inspire people and friends around them in new ways by taking selfies. Earlier in May, three young people taking selfies on the railway track in Haryana state. Were killed in the mind of In 2017, an awareness campaign was also launched by the Indian state of Karnataka, in which youth and students were informed that the desire to take selfies could prove fatal.

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