Why Growing Trend of Suicides Worldwide

why growing trend of suicides worldwide

World Health Organization has expressed concern over the growing trend of suicides worldwide for the moment, and called on humanitarian organizations to come to the ground to end the causes that lead to suicide. Suicide is now normal practice, said Professor Azeem Rasul, a psychiatrist affiliated with Baqi Medical University. About 12% of people suffer from the disease. Secondary education students are more sensitive to their better future and fear of failure.

There are five factors such as suicidal ideation, planning intentions, situational stress, religious instability that lead a person to suicide, and if a patient has three of these five causes, he or she will commit suicide. The dangerous symbol appears. Negligence of these reasons should be consulted among students at Baqi Medical University, and negotiations between students, faculty, faculty members can lead to positive situations, and we can protect the homeland from the curse such as suicide. Dr Azra Shaheen Assistant Professor, Department of Mental Disorders, on the occasion of the World Workshop on Mental Health on the topic of Practical Workshop on Suicidal Trend, said that we need to counteract the growing trend of suicide through positive measures at the societal level. Have to try. Social and economic issues should be viewed according to their values. This year, the World Health Organization has realized that "suicide" is a unique topic on the occasion of World Health Mental Health. He said it was important to know why a suicide bomber had a 'suicide intention. Is'. Despite being forced by circumstances, this action is equivalent to killing a human being. Suicide is indeed a reflection of a background that must have some reason that compels a person to die. When a person sees his future as dark, he is forced to commit suicide by controlling emotions rather than changing circumstances. Such factors point to its disintegration at the societal level. He said that many factors contribute to suicidal ideation, including failure to achieve goals, family and social restriction, feelings of loneliness. Family matters, etc. These are all causes for frustration, while religious disappointment is blasphemy and suicide is forbidden. He said that social media is equally involved in the growing trend of suicide. Capacity criticism, unemployment, inflation, rights violations also force a person to commit suicide. Domestic problems or interpersonal problems can also lead to suicide. Successful suicides tend to be relatively high in women, while male suicides generally appear to fail despite efforts. Despite being a statistic, it is said that suicide is normal every hour. He said that physicians and sociologists should know that when someone talks about dying out of the ordinary, it should be of importance that he may think of suicide. His conversation can be avoided by encouraging him or her to resolve his problem when it comes to his chances of suicide. That way, we can save human life and save the species. Thus, this psychological problem can be the cause of death itself. Some people have psychiatric problems such as social psychological and psychotic disorders, and they are attracted to suicide. We can deal with suicide by treating it in the early stages. In many cases of suicidal thoughts, the person also thinks to kill himself and give life to others. In our view, giving of yourself in this way is equivalent to feeling helpless or low in courage. Some suicidal causes also show signs of depression, hopelessness, illness, distance from religion, which, while unable to understand on time, causes human suffering. Post-mortem reports and research have also shown that addiction and financial issues are associated with suicide symptoms. Heart problems can also lead to suicide. Research has shown that men tend to commit suicide at age 45, while women generally intend to commit suicide by the age of 55.

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