Women Win One Million Prize shocking News?

Women Win One Million Prize

Some time ago, a company called Vitamin Water announced a unique challenge, according to which a person who did not use a smartphone for a year was given a reward of $ 1 million. The company had selected a New York-based woman for the challenge. It's been eight months since this lady met this challenge. Four months later, the woman will be eligible for a $ 1 million prize.

Vitamin Water made it to the headlines of newspapers last December, presenting this unique challenge. Thousands of people applied to meet this challenge. The company, however, chose 29-year-old Alana Mogadan to take part in the challenge. Alana said living without a smartphone has been an eye-opening experience for them.

Now they realize how addicted they were to the smartphone and how much they depended on it. Will live without a smartphone, Alana said that without smartphones, they also face many problems once she had written a phone number on a slip, which was incorrect, which is why she got stuck at C-Tech Airport.

She could not call Uber nor ask anyone for help. Once she was driving at night, she went astray but could not use her phone's GPS feature to find out her location. If their car crashes, they can't even find a nearby mechanic's workshop with the help of Google. They say that living without a smartphone is the best adventure in their lives.

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