YouTube released the AR Beauty

YouTube released the AR Beauty

YouTube released the AR Beauty Try On feature for a limited number of users last year. Now, with this feature of YouTube, female consumers can try lipstick in advanced reality.
Masthead ads appear as autoplay videos as soon as they launch the YouTube app.

They appear before the general YouTube interface. TrueView Discovery ads appear in the Up Next section at the top of search results. The yellow AD label in these two types of advertising distinguishes them from other ads.
As before, this feature will split the YouTube screen into two parts.

The video will continue to play in the upper part while the selfie camera at the bottom allows female users to try different shades of lipstick.

The interface also has a colour selector on the bottom, allowing users to select different shades. If you like shade, you can buy it without leaving the YouTube application.
Beauty and fashion are big business for YouTube. Last month, the company launched an exclusive fashion page.

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