Zero Gravity Flight

Zero Gravity Flight

Currently, more than 500 people have travelled to space. Now we know to some extent the effects of gravity on our body, but we do not understand how our brains work without gravity. In this regard, scientists have begun experiments on "Zero Gravity Flight". These experiences will teach us how we think in space.

Now that we have colonized our colonies on other planets, these experiences are essential.
The key to having unrest in space travel is the key. From the very first flight, we learned that unhealthy conditions have caused many health problems for us. These problems include muscle contraction, blurred vision, and loss of consciousness.

In these experiments, an Airbus A310 aircraft would land at 45 degrees several times and fall several times. Will have to do. The ship will then be allowed to drop down for 20 seconds in a freefall mode. At that time, the ship and everything will feel uneven, and the gravity will be zero. Upon arriving at a specific angle, the pilot will then lift the plane. This will be done 30 times on a three-hour flight.

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