108 Megapixel Phone Price Only $ 400

108 Megapixel Phone

Xiaomi, China's leading technology company, has introduced a new phone whose camera is 108 megapixels. As a result, it has become the most powerful camera phone in the world.

The price of the phone, introduced as 'Mi CC9 Pro Premium', has been fixed at around $ 400.

The camera sensors on this phone are made by Korean company Samsung. Still, surprisingly they have not introduced it in their manufactured phones.

Xiaomi says that with such a powerful camera, users of the phone will be able to take very clear pictures, which will also clearly reveal the details of the object being made.

According to research company Canalus, Xiaomi ranks fourth among smartphone makers in the world and accounts for nine per cent of the global smartphone market.

Sales of their phones are booming in Europe, and the company has announced that next year it will start selling its phones in Japan as well.

Until now, sensors over 100 megapixels were only used in medium-sized digital cameras and often cost more than thousands of pounds.

But if such sensors are applied to a smartphone, there is a danger that the electromagnetism created by the different parts of the phone may affect one another due to the small size of the phone. The image quality is deprecated.

Moreover, due to the small pixels, they are kept in a tiny space, and this makes it very difficult to take good pictures in dim light.

But this is not the case with this new sensor produced by Samsung. One of the most critical innovations in the preparation of this sensor is that it has placed the pixels in sets of four and given the ability to detect red, green and blue light in each set.

The image taken with this innovation is 27 megapixels. However, if the light is high, users can take a 108-megapixel image using the capabilities of the phone's software.

With the help of this software, the pixels in the sensor are adjusted differently.

But this design is not flawless. According to DKOmark, a website analyzing smartphones, the images taken from the phone did not come out as well as expected, especially the quality of the photos taken in the shadow was not as good as other smartphones.

Consumers also need to be aware that the image taken at 108 megapixels will also be quite large, and the phone will need more battery to produce it.

But on the other hand, according to the website's analysis, the photos taken with the different lenses in the 'MCC Nine Pro Premium' were of high quality.

In September, Xiaomi announced that they would introduce the camera in their Mi Mi Alpha, but remember that the phone will be offered to the affluent and its estimated cost is more than $ 2800. And it won't be released in the market until December.

Ben Woods, an analyst with the smartphone industry, says of Xiaomi's phone that has such a powerful camera at the 'MCC Nine Pro Premium' introduced to the general public will make it a marketplace.

Mobile phone makers are always striving to offer something that can energize consumers, and a powerful camera can do it. This does not mean that the pictures taken will be excellent. Still, many users think that more megapixels mean better images.

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