11 Year Old Girl Rolls A Crocodile's Eyes To Rescue A Friend


11-year-old Rebecca Moncombe from Zimbabwe is being hailed as a hero across the country. Rebecca jumped on the beast to protect her 9-year-old friend from the crocodile's jaws and pulled her eyes out.

According to Zimbabwean media, Rebecca and her friends took a bath in the village of Cinderella in their community and heard them scream with water. When Rebecca looked back, she was shocked.

They saw a crocodile dragging their friend Latvia Moivani. Rebecca's other companions froze or ran away screaming. In this case, Rebecca allegedly ran towards the mosquito and jumped on it and attacked her eyes. Rebecca continued to attack the crocodile's eyes until she left Latvia with her grip.

When they came out of the water, Rebecca told them to hear Latvia's screams. Latvia was swimming alone in deep water up to the neck. Latvia did not say that something was biting her hand, then they saw the crocodile. Becca said that she was the eldest of the seven children there, so she considered it her duty to save Latvia. Attacked the crocodile's eyes with his fingers, after which the fish left Latvia.

Rebecca said that after leaving Latvia, the crocodile did not attack them. Surprisingly, while saving her friend, Rebecca had no injuries. However, Latvia suffered some injuries, which were treated at a regional hospital. Latvia's parents have thanked Rebecca for her bravery. Latvia's father said he was at work when he learned of the crocodile attack on his daughter, he was ready for any bad situation. Still, soon It turns out that Becca has rescued their daughter.

Local authorities have confirmed the incident of the crocodile attack on Latvia. The incidents of crocodile attacks in the area have increased alarmingly, he said.

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