A Complete Tour Of This Terrifying Ghost House Will Receive A Reward Of $ 20,000

Ghost House

The owners of Maccamee Manor have described it as one of the most dangerous ghost homes in the world. They promise that anyone who completes the walk and survives this horrible ghost house will be rewarded $ 20,000.

Many ghost houses claim to be the world's worst ghost house, but people visiting Maccamee Manor say that it is indeed the world's worst ghost house.

The owners of Maccamee Manor are so convinced of its horror that they have announced a $ 20,000 reward for those who complete its walk. It may take up to 10 hours to complete the ghost house. This walk can worsen people's physical and mental states.

Visitors to this ghost house have to sign an agreement before they go on a tour.

This agreement contains 40 pages. According to the agreement, if the ghost householders speak a specific phrase, they will only be allowed to come out before the end of the walk or the ghosts of the house will continue to do their work. Must be over 21 years old, have medical insurance and have an excellent physical condition.

Ghost hikers have to watch an informational movie called, And Then There Were None for the first 2 hours, this movie has all the information for ghost visitors.

Russ McKamey, the owner of MacCamé Manor, advises people not to visit this ghost house just to win prizes because this ghost house will chew them up and spit it out. Give all the information.

He tells them that it will be the key to advance to the right place. He says that once the game starts, it is difficult to remember all these things.

The ghosts annoy the visitors with terrifying sounds and performers, but another exciting addition to MacCamé Manor is the punishment. Here, live insects are thrown at the faces of hikers, submerged in blood-like solids, and given a number of crazy sentences.

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