Criticizes A Beautiful Girl To Sitting on Boy Lap

beautiful girl

A woman has accused an Australian airline staffer of criticizing her attire and saying she went somewhere else.

 According to a British report, Sarah Nathan, 33, was travelling from Sydney to Melbourne on November 3 and at the airport.woman claimed in a separate Twitter message that she and his boyfriend were sitting in the airport lounge when another crew member, Jet Star, approached them. According to woman, she was sitting on her boyfriend's knee and talking when the airline's A woman from Mile interrupted, allegedly saying, "Go to a different seat because the kids are watching here. A few minutes later, the lady from the JetStar returned with the team leader and then insisted on sitting somewhere.

Given that you disrespect your parents for your actions, I think you can't even ride a flight in this costume, but you can't even sit at the boarding gate in such away. Sara Nathan Sri Lankan And they say that the racial prejudice was hidden in the petition. 'I saw a woman in front of me wearing a very short dress. Who has not said anything? When Sarah filed a photo of her costume filing a complaint to an online JetStar customer care, she replied, "I have seen the picture, and I think you are very beautiful." Your boyfriend is very lucky, but I don't think it's okay to sit on a boyfriend's knee while the seats are available, I believe our staff was protecting other passengers because you were in a public place. According to a spokeswoman for Sydney, the staff denied the allegations, but we spoke to the airport team to better understand the incident. Trying to get to me because we can't stand any discrimination, we apologize to Sarah for the behaviour of our online customer service representative who did not meet our standards. Heritage Osborne, 31, from Malaga, Spain, London. The passengers were obliged to change their clothes after travelling and when the aviation staff asked for a change of dress. According to a statement from Britain's largest budget airline, the woman was wearing the clothing that the body was exposed to. Following the objections of the travellers, Harriet was given an extra shirt to wear.

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