Earn Money With Your Face

Earn Money With Your Face
                                           Photo credit: ranmanekineko on VisualHunt / CC BY-SA

If you are short of money? You can make good money by licensing your face because the robot-making company wants to use a human face on its robots. The person they shape their robots on will pay £ 100,000 or $ 30,000 in license fees.

London-based outsourcing company Geomek said in a blog post that a robotic company was looking for a kind and friendly face.

This face will be used on the faces of thousands of robots made by the company. Mass production of these robots will begin next year. These robots will be designed to help the elderly.

Jumik did not provide much information about the robotic company in the blog because the company had contracted with his client not to disclose the information.

However, Jumek said his client received funds from many venture capitalists, most of them from China.

This robotics company has been working on this project (humanoid robot) for five years. Since the project is being run in secret, Gyomik does not divulge details of the company. Still, the person whose face will be selected will be told all the details of the project. Those wishing to participate in this project can test their fate by sending their photo to faces@geomiq.com.

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