Fake Policeman Arrested

Fake Policeman Arrested
                                Photo credit: Time's Up! Environmental Organization on Visualhunt / CC BY-SA

Police in North Carolina were chasing a suspicious vehicle while another man joined in the pursuit. The man, who revealed himself to be a police officer, arrested the suspects at gunpoint, but police later identified the fake cop. The officer was also arrested.

On October 5, police were chasing a speeding suspect in Wilson, North Carolina.

Police stopped the car in search of a suspected killer. When the police approached the driver, the driver fled the vehicle. Police officers rushed to their patrol car. It was only after the pursuit of Domel that a strange thing happened. A black Ford Taurus car was flashing blue light passed by a police car. The Ford car forced the suspect to stop by.

The police officer in the patrol car still did not understand what was happening. A black Ford man came out and pulled a pistol at five people in the suspected vehicle. The man was later identified as David Adams. David ordered them to get out of the car and also tied his hands. It was unclear what the police officers in the patrol car were doing at the time.

Police took the five men after David's departure. Upon investigation, it was discovered that David was not a real policeman. Police found David and arrested him for posing as a policeman. He was later released on $ 1,500 bail.

One of the five people in the suspected vehicle had a brother in the suspect. They too, were looking for the suspected killer. David has also arrested the men and helped them technically. See what the judges decide on this compelling case.

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