How A Young Man Was Killed In 15 Seconds For A Burger?


A young man was stabbed to death with a knife outside a fast-food restaurant in the US state of Washington, DC,

according to a report from a Prince George's County police station officer who told a 28-year-old young man named Kevin Davis at a burger. Lena, after which he tried to break the order line and proceeded for 15 minutes, during which the other young man in the front began to quarrel with Davis, after which the two argued with each other.

According to police, the two young men came out of the restaurant sometime later, while the other young man killed Davis with a knife, Police Chief Hank Stevenski told reporters, saying he did not understand that a burger. How the young man was killed in just 15 seconds after the debate started, according to reports, Davis was taken to the hospital immediately after the incident but died shortly after arriving at the hospital, police said, after watching the CCTV video. The knife-wielding teen escaped to the restaurant with a woman shortly after the incident, while telling them. they have been seen together in the car, while the woman is being sought to investigate these images have been released in the media.

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