The Spanish court's decision on the rape of a smart girl, huge protest from the people

rape of a smart girl

Human rights activists have expressed frustration at a European court Spain rape case accused of raping an underage girl under minor sexual harassment instead of rap charges.

 According to media reports, a court in Barcelona, ​​Spain, sentenced five rapists to rape a 14-year-old girl after a party in 2016 sentenced them to lesser sentences under modest sexual harassment laws.

The court ruled that five male suspects from Spain, Argentina and Cuba were raped, rather than raped. According to the report, the court charged the accused with minor sexual harassment 10 to 12. The year has been convicted, but it is unclear how many years the convicts will be sentenced.

The court ruled that because the accused raped the 14-year-old girl in anesthesia and the victim did not know what happened to her. The accused could not be charged with rap. ۔

According to the court's ruling, under Spanish law, if the victim knows everything related to the injustice done to them, they should be helpless while trying to stop the abuse that happened to them, and the accused will abuse and evaluate them. According to the court, the girl was unconscious at the time of her sexual abuse, and she did not know when, with what, what happened to her. The rap cannot be blamed on how and why it happened.

The court sentenced five male defendants to minor sexual harassment allegations that not only the mayor of Barcelona but human and women's rights organizations also expressed disappointment. Controversial decisions given by the court After that, many women took to the streets to protest, while on social media, it was not just sexual harassment but rap, as opposed to hashtags.

The incident took place in 2016 when five suspects and the victim were present at a party in the vicinity of Barcelona. The convicted five accused are accused of fainting after drinking alcohol at a party. Repeated alternately with, However, later all the suspects denied the rap charges. Then, the DNA test of the girl's underwear in the investigation found evidence of the involvement of one of the five accused, which led to the police's investigation. The suspects were arrested.

The aforementioned case was heard in the courts for several months, during which women and human rights organizations in Spain also called for changes to the rapes and sexual harassment laws in the country. Spain's Supreme Court acquitted rapists on the charge of raping an 18-year-old girl in anesthesia.

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