It is Trapped? Not Follow Google Maps Guidelines

It is Trapped? Not Follow Google Maps Guidelines
                               Photo credit: Alyssa L. Miller on Visual Hunt / CC BY

Tourists visiting Bouni, a mountainous village in Sardina, Italy, have urged tourists not to rely on Google Maps to find routes.

Last year, the Emergency Fire Service or the Mountain Rescue Team assisted trapped tourists 144 times, said Bowni Mayor Salvatore Corrias. All of these tourists had the help of Google Maps to guide the route.

They helped Google Maps to reach the so-called "secret beaches". They then arrived at a location not suitable for cars. To avoid this situation. Local police have installed signboards in the area, stating that they should not follow Google Maps guidelines to guide routes.

The locals in this town fund the rescue teams, so the rescue teams do not take any money from the tourists.

However, as the number of rescue campaigns increases, the issue is compounded. Local authorities are so tight with Google Maps that they are considering a complete ban, but in practice, this is not possible. Bodies are signboard signalling not to use Google Maps in the area. Local authorities have urged tourists to hire old paper maps or trained local guides so that they do not face difficulties.
Local authorities have also warned Google of these issues, but they have not yet received a response from the company.

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