People Are Dying to Live Their Lives

People Are Dying to Live Their Lives
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No one wants to cry, but everyone wants to live. But in this life, our desires or life-style are such that life begins to change us so much that we prefer death over life and as a result of this pressure, people commit suicide.

 New Korea is an area of ​​the world where suicides of people who are suffering from life-threatening suicide are very much the reason why various institutions there have arranged for people to kill themselves to reduce suicides. ۔

A new trend is emerging in South Korea for a happy life, where by living people rehearse from the last moments of their lives to the dying, dubbed the "happy death."

Everyone attending the rehearsal first draws the last picture of his life, writes his will with his hand, and then lays in the coffin for a while and tries to make himself feel dead.

Various centers of "death rehearsal" have been operating in South Korea since 2012, where millions of people practice near-death and last rites every year. Interestingly, most such centers are operating under NGOs or welfare organizations. There is no compensation for those coming to death rehearsals. Suicide rates are high in South Korea, where around 11,000 people commit suicide every year.

The proportion of the population is 20.2 per 100,000, which is almost double the global average of the World Health Organization's stated average of 10.53 per 100,000, which is undoubtedly a worrying concern. The purpose of death rehab centers is to target suicide in South Korea. Those who operate these centers and psychologists say that when someone goes through the experience of death in their own life, they realize how valuable life is. Therefore, after this rehearsal, the majority of people say that they find their life pleasant, and their thoughts of dying or committing suicide are rare.

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