Police Arrested a Girl For Hiding Gold in a Shoe


A woman has been arrested for trying to smuggle two kilograms of gold into a shoe at the Russia-China border.

 According to media reports, customs spokeswoman Marina Bevko said at a border checkpoint near a town in eastern Serbia. That a woman from Russia found something disturbing and suspicious. During the search, the woman unnaturally allowed one foot forward and one behind, which the customs authorities suspected.

With the help of a metal detector, they discovered the woman had hidden eight gold plates in her shoe. The authorities said the total weight of these eight pieces of gold was about two kilograms. The woman was a gram, and her total taxes amounted to $ 78,650. According to customs officials, the woman was trying to smuggle the gold to a Chinese citizen. However, the woman has been arrested, and investigations have been initiated against her. According to Russian authorities this year several people have been arrested who were trying to smuggle gold into China. In August, he arrested a Russian woman who had hidden ten biscuits of gold in his shoes. It is believed that large quantities of gold are mined in Serbia's territory.

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