Can Children Really Read And Remember A Million Words In Five Minutes With "Quantum Speed Reading"

Quantum Speed Reading
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A Chinese educational centre claims that with their advanced technique "quantum speed reading", children can allegedly close their eyes and read a million words in five minutes. This claim has sparked a new controversy in education circles.

Can you imagine anyone closing their eyes and starting to turn the pages of a book and they might even understand this book? Beijing Shinzetong Chigong Education Technology in Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province has made some such claims.

The educational centre is promoting a method called quantum speed reading, which has sparked a new debate in academic circles around the world. A video of this method on the Internet is also going viral. Kids seem to be scanning books soon.

When journalists asked questions about quantum reading techniques from this Chinese educational centre, the educational centre refused to answer any questions.

According to the posters and posters posted on Weibo, the centre enables 10 to 16-year-olds to read 1 million words in 5 minutes with their eyes closed. Students read paragraphs and words Can repeat after 72 hours.

According to China Daily, turning the book's pages off blindly allows students to begin to understand the contents of books.

According to Chinese media, several educational institutions in China are teaching quantum speed reading. The fees for these entities are 200,000 yuan or 38,000 US dollars. However, experts and scientists say that quantum speed readings are not real. This is a fraud. This technique has no scientific basis.

Internet users are making fun of people who are paying their kids a hefty fee by enrolling their children in these fraudulent educational institutions.

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