Romantic Meal Rather Than Worrying About Prices and Fined $ 62,000

Romantic Meal Rather Than Worrying About Prices

A famous Peruvian restaurant fined $ 62,000 for discriminating some women. This restaurant offers two different menus for women.

Authorities in La Peru's capital Lima have ordered a $ 62,000 fine to La Rosa Nautica, an expensive beach restaurant. This restaurant used to provide women with a golden menu that did not list food prices, but offered a blue menu for men with food, which listed food prices.

The owner of the restaurant defended the practice, saying that the meal was meant to protect women eating with men, not to worry about prices.

According to the restaurant owner, she wants women to enjoy a romantic meal rather than worrying about prices. Peruvian authorities, however, called it discriminatory against women.

The National Institute for the Defense of Intellectual Property voted against the restaurant by three votes last week. The company says it discriminates against women. Women should have access to the same menu that men have access to.

In addition to penalizing the restaurant, it has been ordered to give men and women the same menu, train their staff and place a mark on the spot that discrimination will not be tolerated here.

Interestingly, La Rosa Nautica is not the first restaurant to offer women a free menu. In the 1980s, a restaurant in Los Angeles also began offering women free white men and men green with prices. However, he sued the restaurant, after which the restaurant abandoned the practice.

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