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Story Of Lawyer Why Helping To Everyone

Lawyer Jarrett Adams won his first case at the age of 36. He had released an innocent man from prison. It was an excellent success for A...

story of lawyer why helping to everyone

Lawyer Jarrett Adams won his first case at the age of 36. He had released an innocent man from prison. It was an excellent success for Adams. In fact, Adams was also convicted of sexual abuse in adolescence. Adams did not commit any such crime, yet he spent almost ten years behind bars.

While in prison, Adams decided to prove his innocence. He spent many hours sitting in the prison library reading law books. He also wrote letters to many people, which enabled him to appeal his case. Adams was released from prison because of the Saxon Innocence Project.

After his release from prison, Adams studied law and became a lawyer.

In 1998, 17-year-old Adams graduated from Chicago. In anticipation of graduation, Adams and his friends decided to attend a party at the University of Wisconsin. There Adams met a woman. The two became friends. The two had mutual consent.

Three weeks later, in the fall of 1998, Adams was on his way to further his studies that he was arrested.

Adams and his friends were accused of sexual misconduct by the same woman. Adams continued to insist on his innocence from the beginning. They thought it was all due to a misunderstanding. Adams had never met police or law enforcement before. Adams was convinced that this problem would be solved soon.

However, things started to get worse and were handed over to Wisconsin authorities. The lawyer provided by Adams to the court could not provide proper guidance, so he was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit.

During the trial, a friend of Adams presented a witness with the help of a private lawyer and was released. Unfortunately, Adams was unable to hire a private lawyer.

The court lawyer could not defend them properly. Adams also had a witness in the trial, whose testimony could have easily left the trial, but his lawyer did not present the statement of the witness at trial. In fact, his lawyer believed that not defending himself is the best defence. By the time Adams realized this, it was too late.

Adams later claimed that the jury in his trial, which consisted entirely of white and prejudiced individuals, found a black person guilty of the same. His lawyer did not even present the witness. In this case, Adams was sentenced to 28 years in prison. In the prison cell, his colleague persuaded them and told them to take matters into their own hands.

On this, Adams began reading law books in the prison library. During that time, he passed a Supreme Court case, in which every defendant had the right to effective counsel for future litigation. Contacted the Wisconsin Insurance Project, a non-profit organization, and spoke with lawyer Keith Fundley. From here, a new chapter in his life begins.

Keith Findley's efforts ended Adams's conviction in 2007. After his release from prison, Adams enrolled in a community college to complete his bachelor's degree. He then attended Loyola Law School in Chicago. He completed his graduation in 2015. Adams joined the Wisconsin Insurance Project team after earning a law degree. After passing the bar exam, he reached the court again, but this time he was fighting to release an innocent person.

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