The Missing Photo From The Woman's Kitchen Was Sold For Four $ 26.8 Million

woman kitchen

A 13-century-old photo from the kitchen of an old woman from France has been sold at auction for $ 26.8 million, or about $ 4 billion 15 million.

This ten-by-eight-inch photo by Christ Mocked by Florentine was created by the Italian artist Chimabui alias Chini de Pepo. Experts have confirmed the origin of the image. The woman had this picture taken in her kitchen.

Earlier this year, they decided to price it.

Art expert Jerome Montcocoil says he knew after seeing this image that the painting was created by Italian artist Chemaboui. He noted that Cheemabui is a painting artist, so he enjoys his work thoroughly.

The auction sold four times the estimated value of $ 26.8 million.

Jerome said that there are only 11 pictures in the world of Chembui. They are very rare.

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