The Oldest McDonald's Burger In The World

McDonald's burger

McDonald's Burger purchased in 1995 still exists today and has not yet been roasted. Despite the passing of the fourth century.

This Burger is perfect for watching. Casey Dean, 39, and Edward Knuts, 38, have claimed that they ordered a quarterpounder in their childhood. Since then, this Burger has been kept. F Pico said he ordered gourmet meals in childhood.

Once they started jokingly, imagine what would happen if a burger was always kept with them. Then they took over a burger. As is. There is no odour in it. Some say that in November 2020, their relationship with Quarter Pounder will be 25 years.

They say that many weddings have failed in the meantime, but their relationship with the Burger has not broken. Casey and Edward said they have named the Burger a senior burger. He has also created his social media profile and has written songs for it. He believes it is the oldest McDonald's Burger in the world. It is even older than the last McDonald's burger in Iceland.

Iceland's last McDonald's Burger is kept in a glass jar, and thousands of people watch it every day on the Internet. Unlike Iceland's burgers, the Australian Burger is locked in a box made of wood and cardboard. Kept in a shed where the temperature was 30 degrees Celsius in the summer. Casey said the box also contained clothing and plastic bags.

The rats entered the box and wore clothes and plastic bags but left the Burger. Some say that many people do not believe in the Burger for 24 years, but its old school packaging becomes clear. That this Burger is from the mid-1990s. The news of this Burger went viral in 2015. Many people tried to get it, but Casey and Edward refused to do so.
A McDonald's spokeswoman says people put burgers in the room. It is made in the same temperature environment. Because of the moisture-free climate, the bacteria do not grow in the Burger, which does not rot for long.

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