Toyota Introduces The Broomstick For Harry Potter Fans

Toyota Introduces The Broomstick For Harry Potter Fans
                               Photo credit: Karen Roe on VisualHunt / CC BY

Toyota has introduced the latest mobile mobility platform e-broom. It is like a witch's flying broom to look at, but users cannot fly on it, but it can be switched around. Users have to wear roller skates to use it on the ground.

Toyota's e-broom features an electric motor and a wheel, pushing them forward.

Toyota's e-broom is not as impressive as the Harry Potter stories, but it can indeed be described as the first step toward making such a legendary ride in real life.

Toyota demonstrates running the E-broom at the Toyota Motor Show. Toyota has not provided much information about this e-broom. He has neither spoken about its speed nor its commercial availability. We do not know anything about its battery capacity

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