The woman who resorted to fake pregnancy for extra equipment on the plane

fake pregnancy
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Some time ago, a woman had donned various clothing to avoid extra baggage charges while on air travel, but now another woman tried to find a unique solution to this problem.

Rebecca, an Australian-based travel writer. Andrews resorted to a false pregnancy to carry extra luggage. According to media reports, the woman wrote on Instagram Post that pregnant women have $ 60 to save when you do not want to pay additional luggage fees. While uploading the video

She explained how they did this and filled a lot of stuff inside the garment that made the belly look like a pregnant woman. But all these attempts were unsuccessful because the aircrew caught them. "They just made the mistake that she was the last passenger on the plane and that was why the eyes of everyone on the staff were focused on her," she said when I started pretending to be a false pregnancy. I dropped the ticket and made a noise, so everyone started looking at me again. They said that when I bowed down to pick up the ticket, the laptop appeared on my waist. As a result, Rebecca had to pay $ 60, but she said, 'Am I ashamed? Not at all. Becca said that I think a woman has the right to do whatever she wants with her body, so why not play a fake pregnancy drama with laptop wire. In another article, she wrote that Then if I had to, I would not hesitate, just this time make sure that I do not board the plane at the end.

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