Learn About Your Health In 30 Seconds

Learn about your health

The human body is like a machine in which all the parts can work a healthy life only if they are doing the right thing, but sometimes the function of some parts that are quietly affected is delayed.

Humans may also be suffering from significant problems, which is why doctors recommend a full body checkup every two years, with a considerable amount of money. Today we will tell you about some of these exercises. Doing what you can to know about your physical health in just thirty seconds.

1. Pressing the left-hand finger

The fingers of the human hand contain the nerves of all the vital parts of the body. Which helps us to understand the health of these parts.
1. Press the root of the thumbnails. If you feel pain when pressing it, your lungs are affected and not working correctly.
2. If you feel hurt by pressing the nail of the index finger, it can be a cause of discomfort in the colon, which can also be the cause of constipation.
3. Pain in the middle and fourth fingernail presses means that the heart is not working correctly.
4. Pain caused by pressing the fingernail of the little finger causes a small intestinal defect.

2. With the help of hip muscle

For this test, lie on the ground with your face facing the field, then spread your arms on both sides of the earth and then with the left leg upright, the right leg upwards. Lift and bend it for thirty seconds if it can perform, then your back is in the best position, and in case of pain, it means that your hip muscles, pelvis, or back and knee muscles are not working.

3. Close the fist

Close your fist tightly and hold it tight for thirty seconds, which will turn white due to bleeding in your palm. Then open your fist and watch it for 30 seconds if it turns red again. If it does, then your blood vessels and heart are functioning correctly, and if it doesn't, it means they have a defect.

4. Upside down and raise both legs

Lie face-down on the ground, and both legs above the ground, both arms, keeping right, and exercise continue to thirty seconds if you can painlessly. This means that if the problem you are healthy. In the case of your spinal cord and seals, have issues.

5.Raise the upper body off the ground

Lie down on the ground and lift the upper body of the body above the ground and hold it for thirty seconds. If you succeed in doing so without discomfort, it means that you are healthy but in the event of trouble. Examine the spinal cord

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