The Hidden Mystery Behind Carbon Negative Vodka Releases

Carbon Negative Vodka
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A company in Brooklyn, Ireland, has claimed that they have developed the world's first carbon-negative vodka. To prepare it, they obtained carbon dioxide from the air and then converted it to ethanol from a solar power machine.

Each bottle of Carbon Negative Vodka releases one pound of carbon dioxide from the air in its lifecycle, said by Gregory Constantine, co-founder of Air Co.

It is the equivalent of eight large trees. 13 pounds of greenhouse gases are emitted in the preparation of plain vodka. Air vodka says the vodka is made of only water and carbon dioxide. Its production eliminates carbon dioxide from processed air.
Stafford Sheehan, another co-founder of the company, said the recipe for this unique vodka was derived from nature's compilation process.

Where the plants breathe in carbon dioxide. The plants take water and make sugar and other things using sunlight as energy.
The report uses a small solar-powered machine that draws carbon dioxide from the air. The separated molecules are subsequently added to the water, which produces pure ethanol. A bottle of this vodka is priced at $ 65, only being sold at restaurants in New York City.
The company says they will make perfume and home cleaning products from ethanol obtained in the same way in the future.

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