Fast Ways To Relieve Headaches Without Medication

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Headache Nowadays, the problem is common for many people besides the office. People with the same problem are suffering from many causes of headaches. Repeated medication can also be harmful to this, so the headache can be eliminated at home. The following are ways to relieve headaches.

Use ice
If you are experiencing a headache, place a piece of ice on your forehead. Wrap a piece of ice in a cloth or towel. Do this for 15 minutes. Your pain will improve.

Loosen the hair
If you have tightly tied hair, it can cause headaches, so you do not put pressure on the roots of the hair. And relate your hair loose.

Dim the light
If your screen light is dimmed, dim it, and use sunglasses when exiting, which may relieve your headache.

Avoid chewing gum
If you suffer from headaches, avoid chewing gum as it can cause headaches in addition to your jaws.

Use tea
If you feel a headache, then use tea at this time, it will make you feel relaxed, and the headaches will also be mild.

Take a rest
If you feel headaches due to muscle aches, then relax. This will reduce muscle tension and make our muscles feel relaxed and headaches.

If you have a headache, it will reduce the headache. Also, put a warm cloth on your muscles. If you have headaches due to stress, you will get relief. Also, if you are suffering from severe pain. So get a doctor checked for this so you can quickly get a doctor at home and get advice from a video consultant.

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