Instead Of Artificial Teeth, Scientists Will Now Grow New Teeth In Just Two Months

Grow New Teeth

Tooth extraction is a painful process that many people have to go through, and after removing a tooth, there is a big tooth on the pocket where it is painful, and no one knows what to eat during the party when the chewing teeth come out.

According to science, humans usually lose all their teeth by the age of 74 and have to use artificial teeth to eat, these artificial teeth were not fixed in the mouth at first, but with the advancement in science, they are now The mouth is fixed but you know it can never be like real teeth.

According to the results of new research at Columbia University Medical Center, the doctor will soon grow a new tooth into the patient's mouth in just nine weeks, using the Adult Stems of the patient, with the new tooth removed at the patient's extremities. Will rise and fit perfectly with the gums.

In the United States, the experiment was conducted in the journal of dental research on 22 mice whose mouths were newly born within nine weeks, according to researchers. This is the first time a new tooth has been found in the mouth of an organism. Have grown

If this method is successful in humans, it will have many useful benefits as the new tooth will be born into the socket from which the old tooth is extruded and will fit with the rest of the teeth, and there will be no gaps in the teeth. Will give.
The process of receiving applications from patients to apply this new tooth at Columbia University has begun, and it is hoped that this method of treatment will be extremely successful.

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