How to Stay Popular in the Ways to Make a Selfie World

Make a Selfie
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Today's young generation is so self-obsessed with a selfie that everywhere is just selfie if they go to market, they come back home then eat selfies before and after eating selfie wake up selfie to pray the final fast and the pilgrimage. Selfie is also created, and the main reason for this is social media, where these selfie photos are posted.

There was a time when home images were protected like treasures. Still, today's young generation is delighted to present every personal thing to the world, and social media fulfills their desire.

If you are passionate about the selfie, in this article, we will tell you some basic techniques for selfie-taking, which will enhance your picture taking.

1. Camera Settings
Before taking selfie, set all settings of your phone's camera to the default figures or use the auto camera function for all functions, the main reason for doing this is because your camera is very close to you when taking selfie and Light and picture effects can distort the image and, if using the effects, use them after the image is created so that you have full control over the image properties.

2. Light
Take selfies at a place where there is adequate camera light as many smartphones provide flush light only with a back camera, and this light only helps to create a picture from the front.

3. Selfie Timer Button.
Pressing the button on the phone screen during the selfie takes the phone for fear of shaking, and shaking the phone does not focus the camera properly and distorts the image, so if you take a selfie with self camera timer function Will get better results in the picture.

4. Don't Make Group Photos From Selfie
If you want good results in the picture, do not use a selfie for group photography as more people cannot be heard in camera focus and keep fewer people in a selfie for better results in the primary camera of the group photography phone. It gives better results as well.

5. Zoom
The digital zoom in the smartphone's camera corrupts the quality of the image, so if you do not use the zoom before taking a selfie, the picture will be more precise.

6. Eye Use
If you look at the camera instead of looking at the phone screen while taking selfies, the picture will look smarter.

7. Selfie Steak
If you are not comfortable with selfie, the selfie stick will be helpful as it moves the phone's camera a short distance and does not have to press a button on the screen to capture the image.

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