Interesting Facts About The Human Body That Will Surprise You

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This article covers 12 Interesting facts about the human body that will surprise you, which will increase your knowledge wherever you wonder.

1. You will be surprised to know that the brain is more dynamic at night than during the day. Our body is asleep while sleeping, but the mind is active, and in addition to giving us good or bad dreams, they also affect our memory and our abilities. Is strengthening.

2. Up to 80% of the brain is water, and not exactly as we see in the picture our brain is mostly water, the cells of the brain need double energy from the rest of the body, and it Provides energy water.
When your body is not prone to dehydration, the cells of the brain work best, and you feel dizzy and energized after drinking water.

3. Your heart is capable of pumping blood up to 30 feet, and this blood pressure runs all over your body.

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5. An average person exhales gas 14 times daily and does this work even while he is asleep. According to science, gas is produced during digestion, and eventually, it has to be discharged, but those who eat out of food. Those living around them will know that they complete the 14 digits in the first 12 hours of the day.

6. The eyes of all the babies in the stomach of the mother are blue, and over time, the first few weeks after birth, they begin to meet the color of their DNA.

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8. Our height is one centimeter higher in the morning when it is reduced to one centimeter before going to bed at night, and this is because your spine compresses after all day's fatigue, so in the day when sitting. So try to sit upright.

9. Fish feed up to 32 million bacteria in a square inch of your skin, which you can see from the microscope, but most of these bacteria are beneficial to your skin.

10. Like fingers and thumbs, each tongue has its print, and if the offender uses the tongue while committing a crime, then lugging something, the offender can be identified by Tongue Print.

11. The colder your room, the more your chances of having a bad dream will increase.

12. Right-handed workers live nine years longer than left-handed workers, and according to a survey report, left-handed workers are more prone to road accidents than right-handed workers. Right-handed systems are finding it difficult.

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