I am dead once, life imprisonment be abolished

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Benjamin Schreiber, 66, is alive and serving a life sentence for the murder.

In 2015, Benjamin fell into his prison cell. Their heartbeat was stopped. The doctors had to restore their heartbeat five times. That is, technically, he died for a certain period of time but was resurrected.

Benjamin later appealed that he was being illegally imprisoned. He was of the view that since his temporary death in 2015, his life sentence has ended, so he is now a free man.

Benjamin appealed for release in district court, but the judge dismissed his appeal.

The judge, in his ruling, said it was an attempt to find creative ends in the law.

The judge said the trial of a prisoner proves that his status is that of a living person.

However, Benjamin did not dare, he took his case to the Iowa Court of Appeals. He believed that the judges would understand his position here. This means that the lawmakers did not mean that criminals could use the resurgence in their defence during treatment.

Judge Amanda Potterfield wrote that Benjamin was either alive, in which case he should be in jail, or he should be dead. In such a case this appeal is unimportant.

It was unclear whether Benjamin intended to take the case to the Supreme Court.

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