The University Dug Temporary Tombs For Students To Rest

Students To Rest

Radboud University in Nemikhan, the Netherlands 'eastern city, has dug graves to end students' mental distress. Students can meditate on life and death by lying in these graves.

The University started a similar project from 2009 to 2011. Now the University has dug another grave. It is forbidden for students to carry books and telephones while lying in their graves or sitting on benches near these graves.

The University has excavated these graves to end the students' examination problems.
Lying in these graves, students think of life as they think of their death. The University has promoted these tombs by writing Memento mori on all campuses. This Latin phrase means "remember, you have to die".
The university project is so popular among students that students have to wait a week to turn in their grave.

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